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Does Anyone Remember Me?

    • Remember me? Anyone? Please?

      Jean Clampett:
      It don't take no fancy book learning to see that... blah blah blah income gap blah blah global warming blah blah two Americas blah blah... hello... is anyone listening... does anyone remember me...

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August 14, 2008


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Our Dogma

    • Hope!
      Like, "I hope the basic laws of economics don't apply..."
    • Change!
      Don't ask what, we're not into specifics
    • End the Death Penalty
      Except for fetuses
    • Fair Pay: Our #1 Priority
      5 figure salaries are 1 figure too small
    • Full Employment: Our #1 Priority
      Everyone works... scratch that... everyone gets paid
    • Global Poverty: Our #1 Priority
      If you think we can't afford it, you're just not hoping hard enough
    • Global Warming: Our #1 Priority
      Burn flags, not hydrocarbons
    • Reward Incompetence
      Distribution should be based on one's capacity to need, not one's capacity to achieve
    • Protect Dictators
      Violating the sovereignty of the Iraqi people is wrong... unless you're a murderous tyrant

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